S2 into S3


S3 marks the final year of the Broad General Education phase of Curriculum for Excellence. In the first two years at Kinross High School all pupils have been following a common course. In S3, pupils have the opportunity to select subjects that they wish to continue to study. This degree of personalisation and choice is structured within curricular areas to maintain the principles of the Broad General Education.

Pupils will continue with English, Maths and a Modern Language. In addition, they will choose one subject from each of four curricular areas: Expressive Arts, Science, Social Subjects and Technology. There are a further two choices to be made from all the available subjects.

All pupils will also be timetabled for “core” subjects: PE, Religious and Moral Education, Social Education and Tutor Support.

Pupil Support teachers will be working with every pupil in PSE and on a 1:1 basis to ensure choices are informed and appropriate.

When pupils move into S4 they will choose which subjects to study for National Qualifications. Pupils must select English and Maths but they may choose any five of the subjects that they have been studying in S3.

S2 into S3 Course Choice Schedule 2020

From 20 January Group work during PSE
6 February  Pathways Evening for Parents and Pupils, 6 - 7:30pm 
10 February  S2 Reports and Course Choice Forms issued
20 February  S2 Parents Evening 
w/c 2 March  1:1 meetings with Pupil Support 
9 March  Careers Fair 

Our SDS Careers Advisors, Rona Neilson and Suzanne Steele, work closely with Pupil Support. They are available by appointment to discuss career aspirations and the qualifications that will help you get there. To arrange a suitable time, speak to your PSE teacher. 

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S2 Pathways Evening Presentation 
S2 into S3 Course Choice Form 


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