English and Literacy

The English faculty at Kinross High School aims to promote excellence in achievement through high quality learning and teaching. The core literacy skills of reading, writing, talking and listening are at the heart of successful learning and we strive to ensure our learners enjoy a wide range of opportunities to develop their skills in these areas.

The study of English is the study of how our language can be used a means of self-expression and communication. It is crucial in allowing us to understand ourselves and others. The English faculty’s courses provide learners with opportunities to develop their skills in reading, writing, talking and listening, in order to understand and use language effectively and creatively. Within the department we use a wide range of teaching styles to meet the needs of our young people and ensure they are actively engaged in their learning. Learners develop their skills in reading and listening through the understanding, analysis and evaluation of texts. They have the opportunity to develop these skills through the study of a wide range of literature, language and media. Personal reading is a critical element of success in English and we encourage our learners to develop their reading through close links with Loch Leven Community Library, our Reading Award scheme and regular author visits and workshops. Learners also develop skills in writing and talking by creating a range of written and oral texts. Lessons allow them to develop these skills and recognise how they can be applied to a range of real-life contexts.


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