Community Link Worker

Pat no backgroundMeet Pat Doran, Community Link Worker

Community Link Workers support young people and families both in school and in the community to improve their lifestyle, health and wellbeing.

CLWs work collaboratively with local authority services, identifying and responding to need through locality plans, school plans and research data.

Our collective ambition is to realise the best possible outcomes for children, young people, families and communities. 

What support can a CLW offer?

Pat offers a variety of support to families, children and young people to help them reach their potential. CLWs aim to offer support at the earliest possible stage as we know that this is when support has the most impact in improving outcomes for all involved.

The four main aims are to:

  • improve life chances
  • improve health and well being
  • narrow the attainment gap
  • reduce inequalities within localities

The CLWs core functions are to:

  • offer generic and enhanced support at times of transition
  • support with school attendance
  • support families, children and young people identify and remove barriers to learning
  • support with emotional and physical wellbeing
  • support parents/carers
  • work collaboratively with partner agencies
  • attend Integrated Team Meetings and Child and Young Persons planning meetings
  • signpost when appropriate

How to get support

In most cases, the primary school or the secondary House Teams identify young people and families who would benefit from working with our Community Link Worker through a referral process, however, if you require support, please contact your child’s House Team in the first instance.

Kinross Community Link Worker on Your Inner Critic 

Kinross Community Link Worker on Anxiety 

Pat's back with another short clip, this time discussing something lots of people are experiencing during lockdown...anxiety.

Sleep Series from Community Link Worker

Community Link Worker, Pat Doran has put together a series of short video clips on the theme of sleep to support parents/carers with their child's night time routine.

Introduction to Sleep from Pat Doran (Community Link Worker)

 Sleep and Exercise

Sleep and Routine

 Sleep, Stress and Anxiety

 Sleep and Hormones

 Your Bedroom as a Haven for Sleep 

The Hour Before Bedtime

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