Maths is a core skill in everyday life and helps us understand the world around us. It is also a key component of STEM (science, technology, engineering and mathematics), a field that is rapidly developing in schools and beyond into further education, modern apprenticeships and the working world. We aim to ensure that all pupils have the best possible grounding in maths and numeracy and they are able to develop and use valuable mathematical skills with confidence.

We believe that the skills pupils learn in the Maths faculty contribute to an enhanced understanding of the world around us and we endeavour to instil the school’s values in our pupils, encouraging learners to be Ambitious, Responsible, Resilient and Compassionate.

Within the faculty, we offer a variety of approaches to learning and teaching to engage and motivate all pupils so they can be better prepared for life after their time at Kinross High School. Our expectations are high and active participation is strongly encouraged in the challenging tasks we set. The faculty aims to ensure all pupils, regardless of ability, consistently make progress and achieve a qualification in Maths. Pupils also have the opportunity to explore enrichment opportunities out with the curriculum to enhance their enjoyment of mathematics.

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Across all levels, we encourage pupils to participate in a number of competitions both in and out of school:

Scottish Mathematical Council 
Maths Challenge (S1-S4)
Enterprising Maths Regional Event (S3-S4)
Junior Maths Challenge (S1-S2)
Intermediate Maths Challenge (S3-S4)
Senior Maths Challenge (S5-S6)


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