School Trips

School trips provide an important opportunity for young people to extend and apply their learning.  They contribute to a positive school ethos, develop and maintain relationships as well as build resilience in our pupils.

There will be universal offer that all young people will have the opportunity to participate in and finance should not be a barrier as families may be provided assistance through pupil equity funding.

To view or trip policy document, please click here.

Behaviour Policy

The universal offer looks like:

Year Group Excursion
S1 1 day excursion/interdisciplinary experience
S2 1 day excursion/interdisciplinary experience
S3 Residential experience
Senior Phase Subject specific excursions required for a qualification







Optional sports, cultural and leisure excursions will be offered in addition to the universal offer but these will mainly fall outwith school times unless the timing of the event is unique.

Where the cost of a trip is in excess of £500, these will be planned over more than one academic session to allow families time to plan for the financial outlay.  

If you sign up for a school trip and for whatever reason need to cancel, you will be bound by the terms and conditions of booking with the provider and will not automatically receive a refund.  The trip leader will be able to provide more information about this.

To view more information about the governance for school trips and excursions, please follow this link 

Specific Consent Form

You will be asked to complete a specific consent form if the school trip your young person is going on is an extra curricular trip, requires an overnight stay, includes a trip abroad or they will be participating in adventurous activities.

 Specific Consent Form

Annual Consent

We will ask you to complete an annual consent form which covers your young person' participation on curricular excursion such as a trip to the science centre or to participate in a football match.

You can access the annual consent form on ParentsPortal  or by emailing us to request a copy.


KHS School Trips