As well as the links to the right, new/existing pupils may be interested in the answers to the following questions.

What do I do when...

...I have been set a challenge by the website manager?

Three S1 pupils have responded to the challenge to complete this page, detailing questions that new pupils may want answers to.  Thanks to Kimmy, Ellie and Cameron for rising to the challenge.

...I want to find out my login for the school computers?

You should be able to use the user name and password from your primary school. If that doesn't work ask your teacher for help.

...I miss my bus?

You go to the office and the office staff will phone your emergency number to tell them what happened.

 ...I want to access to the library computers?

You go to the library reception to collect the form that allows you to access all the computers. 

the library opening times are:

tuesday- 8:45-20:00