Science is about studying the natural world and integrating the lessons learned to improve life for all. We inspire young people with the wonders of Science through the major disciplines of Biology, Chemistry and Physics. We provide a calm and purposeful environment with good staff/student relationships and high quality learning and teaching. We embed sufficient practical work to ensure students excel both academically and practically.

In the Science faculty, we combine knowledge of the subject area with practical skills in order to give our young people an enhanced understanding of the world around us. Pupils also have the opportunity to practise many problem solving skills and transferable skills as part of the Science course which contribute towards their studies in other areas of the curriculum, particularly other areas of STEM.  As STEM subjects continue to gain momentum both in schools and beyond, we believe it is important that our young people develop confidence in their skills and knowledge to gain the highest possible qualification.     

We use many teaching methods including teacher-led discussion, cooperative group work and formative assessment strategies to give pupils the opportunity to demonstrate and improve their skills for learning, life and work. Pupils are largely encouraged to embrace digital technologies as a way to enhance and consolidate their learning.

The Science faculty has a vibrant life both within and beyond the classroom. Educational excursions supplement our learning and often allow pupils to fully appreciate the multiple and varied applications of science in the real world.

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