Positive Destinations

We encourage all pupils to plan for life beyond Kinross High School and support learners to secure a Positive Destination; whether that’s a place at college/ university, an apprenticeship, employment, volunteering or something different, we help all pupils find the right pathway for them.

You will find information included in the Sway below that tells you much more about options available for young people beyond school.

Developing the Young Workforce (DYW) is the Scottish Government’s co-ordinated approach to ensuring that young people have the best chance of entering the world of work with the skill, attributes and experience needed to succeed.  Information about opportunities to develop these skills, both within school and beyond, can be found below.

This initiative is supported by our close partnership with Skills Development Scotland (SDS) who provide a wealth of knowledge, advice and expertise to help young people achieve their Positive Destination when moving on from Kinross High School.  Our SDS Careers Coach, Kelda Sinclair also plays a vital role in our course choice process (please see Pathways section of website).  You will find out more about the support provided by SDS below.

In the final section of this page, you will find information to support School Leavers as they prepare to move on from KHS.

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