We are very proud of the many and varied options available at Kinross High School and we work with our learners to support them with moving into positive and sustained destinations. The design of our curriculum and the courses offered gives our pupils the best chance of success in all areas.

It is important to see your course choice as a progressive experience through to the end of school, rather than a choice for a single year. Many people will have a very clear idea of where they want to go after school, while others will understandably have much less clarity. Deciding your pathway through school can be a daunting thought but hopefully this section provides useful information and helps you make an informed choice.  

In every case, keeping options open is vital. Our curriculum design offers breadth and balance while allowing maximum time in subject areas. Pupils have the best chance of academic success while also developing further skills to help them reach their positive destination.

These pages highlight the possible pathways on offer and gives information about all the subjects which are available. You’ll find key information about course content, skills, progression and assessment. Our S6 pupils have made short videos about each subject area to give a flavour of the pupil perspective.

We hope you find these pages helpful in making decisions and finding that pathway through school (and beyond) that suits you best.

Please see the follow recordings from the Pathways event held online on Thursday 9 February: Seniors and S2


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