Expressive Arts

The Expressive Arts Faculty at Kinross High School consists of four subject areas: Drama, Music, Music Technology and Art and Design. As a faculty our curriculum provides learners with a wide range of opportunities to explore performance, creativity and technologies. Our ethos is based on mutual respect and success. We strive to ensure that our young people fulfil their potential by maintaining a positive, supportive and friendly learning environment.

In our faculty we offer a diverse range of learning experiences across varied but connected disciplines in an environment that supports challenge, encourages personal exploration and delivers high quality learning throughout. Students are exposed to a wide range of creative influences and often have the opportunity to enhance their classroom experience by taking part in educational excursion to theatres, art galleries and live music performances.

Expressive Arts can bring a wide range of benefits to our young people. Our courses promote personal growth and aim to build self-confidence, leadership skills, team work, self-motivation and creativity and also encourage an appreciation of the arts through activity-based or practical learning.

Our pupils cultivate skills that can be applied across the curriculum and beyond school such as creativity, problem solving, analytical skills, use of technologies and communication. We believe that our understanding of the world is enhanced by an appreciation of culture and values.

Expressive Arts provides learning opportunities and teaches transferable skills that prepare our learners for further education, modern apprenticeships and starting out in the world of work.

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