Vice Captain Applications

Do you want to have more of a voice in Kinross High School? Then get involved with the pupil leadership team! We are looking for a group of S1-S5 pupils who embody the four school values:

Do you have a vision for how you want our school to be and are you willing to work hard to achieve that? 
Will you be committed to attending meetings and using your initiative to get things done?
Are you willing to have open discussions with others and come to compromises in order to achieve positive outcomes?
Do you care about your school and your peers and want to improve the experience of school for everyone? 

If this sounds like you then please apply to be a part of the Pupil Leadership Team when the opportunity presents itself (this will be in September). This is a great chance to have more responsibility within our school, to help build your confidence and is also a great thing to put on your CV for when the time comes to apply for jobs and further education. It’s a great opportunity to be a part of something that makes a difference to our school, so please get involved!