Modern Languages

The Modern Languages faculty at Kinross High School offers six languages in total: French, Spanish, German, Mandarin, Russian and Arabic. Our dedicated and enthusiastic team of staff, led by Mr Struth, aim to offer all pupils a positive language learning experience. Through the skills of talking, listening, reading and writing, we enhance students' ability to communicate with others in a foreign language, to enable them to express their thoughts, feelings and ideas with confidence, and arm them with the knowledge of how language works.

The Modern Languages faculty fosters cultural awareness and encourages pupils to view themselves as part of a wider global community. We encourage learner independence and co-operation with others. We also highlight the importance of language skills in the world of work. Our staff strive to build on the work in our cluster primary schools so that pupils are keen to take advantage of the language learning opportunities at Kinross High School.

Kinross High School is also the Confucius Hub for Perth and Kinross Council and, in addition to a Mandarin teacher, benefit from the additional appointment of Chinese Exchange teachers.

French is taught from P1 to P7 in Kinross High's cluster primary schools. Pupils may also learn Spanish or Mandarin from P5. Kinross High cluster schools work closely together and follow a common programme designed in line with the Curriculum for Excellence and the 1+2 Languages policy in order to ensure continuity and progression in learning from primary to secondary school.

In S1 pupils have 4 periods of Modern Languages. All pupils study French for 2 periods per week. Pupils also study Spanish for 1 period per week and Mandarin for 1 period per week. All S1 classes will receive a German taster lesson before selecting a second foreign language to study in greater depth in S2.

In S2 pupils continue to study French for 2 periods per week and have 2 periods of the language they selected at the end of S1 - either Mandarin, Spanish or German. 

In line with the 1+2 Languages policy for Scotland, our pupils have the opportunity to study French from primary 1 to the end of S3 and a second foreign language from Primary 5 to the end of S3. 

Our S3 French and German pupils have the opportunity to participate in the exchanges which greatly increases their confidence in communicating in a foreign language. The department also regularly organise trips to Spain and China for senior pupils. 

In the senior phase (S4-6), we aim to offer all six of our languages to our learners. We offer French, German, Spanish and Mandarin from National 4 to Advanced Higher level. We offer beginner courses to senior pupils in Russian, Mandarin and Arabic and these provide pupils with a Modern Languages for Life and Work Award. Given the breadth of languages and levels on offer, it is important to note that the viability of the classes is dependent upon pupil uptake each session. 

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The Modern Languages Faculty is active on social media and can be found on Twitter or Instagram by searching for @ML_KinrossHS. The faculty have also developed their own website which can be found by clicking the  link below. 

KHS Modern Languages Website