What is the uniform?

The uniform consists of:

  • Black school trousers or skirt
  • A plain white school shirt with collar, sleeves and buttons to the neck
  • Kinross High School tie available from the school office at £5 for a junior tie (S1-S4) or £9 for a senior tie (S5-S6)
  • A black jumper or cardigan
  • Comfortable black footwear

In addition to the above,  we encourage all pupils to wear a school blazer. Please note that blazers must be worn by all S6 prefects.

The provision of school blazers is organised by the Parent Council. Our blazers are made from washable polyester so they are comfortable, light and easy to wear. The cost of a blazer is £40 which can be paid by cash or cheque (made payable to Kinross High School Parent Council.

There are a number of blazers available in stock and the Parent Council host blazer sales at throughout June and August. If you would like to buy a blazer but can't make any of the blazer sale dates, please contact KHSBlazer@gmail.com

The Parent Council would like to invite pupils who no longer require their blazer to donate them back to the school so it can be put to good use by a new owner. Anyone wishing to donate their blazer should hand it in to the school office.

PE Kit

Items of Kinross High School's PE kit are available from www.SchoolWearMadeEasy.com 

Please note, plain versions of the PE kit (i.e. without badge) are acceptable and are available widely from other stockists.

In addition to the white or purple shorts, there is now an option for boys to wear plain black shorts and girls to wear three quarter-length black leggings.

Comfortable sports trainers are also required.