Modern Languages

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Kinross High School Modern Languages Department offers courses in French, German and Spanish. French and German are taught in S1-S3, and Spanish is offered as an optional second foreign language in S3. Courses in National 4 and National 5 in French, German and Spanish are taught in S4. Higher French, German and Spanish are taught in S5 and S6, and Advanced Higher French, Spanish and German are offered in S6, although this varies from year to year according to pupil uptake and staffing.   Additionally, taster lessons in Mandarin are offered to pupils in S1 and S2 on a rotational basis each year and also to pupils in S5 and S6 who have the option of pursuing a national qualification in Mandarin.



Courses we offer in this field:

S1 FrenchCourse Overview

S1 GermanCourse Overview

S2 FrenchCourse Overview

S2 GermanCourse Overview

S3 FrenchCourse Overview

S3 GermanCourse Overview

S3 SpanishCourse Overview

Nat 4/5 FrenchCourse Overview

Nat 4/5 GermanCourse Overview

Nat 4/5 SpanishCourse Overview

Higher FrenchCourse Overview

Higher GermanCourse Overview

Higher SpanishCourse Overview

Adv Higher FrenchCourse Overview

Adv Higher GermanCourse Overview

Adv Higher SpanishCourse Overview