At Home Covid Testing

In order to keep our school safe and open, it's important that pupils and staff continue to report their lateral flow test results. 

Why are we taking part in at home Covid testing?

The strain of coronavirus known as the UK or Kent variant is thought to spread much more easily than the original virus and is thought to account for 85% of all new cases in Scotland (as of March 2021). It's thought that one in three of us will contract Covid-19 and not display symptoms.

All S4-6 pupils can participate in regular, at home Covid testing as an additional mitigation against the spread of Covid-19 amongst our learning community.

This is a new measures we are introducing for senior pupils to help reduce the risk for our learning community as we return to school. 

How does the test work?

The at home testing programme uses lateral flow devices which require a swab from the throat and nose mixed with a solution and placed on a test strip. The results will be available in 30 minutes:

covid test

Giving consent

To take part in this programme, you are required to give consent. Pupils 16 and over should complete this themselves; a parent/carer needs to consent on behalf of anyone under 16.

Taking part in the programme is voluntary and there is no expectation or obligation to participate. No one will be required to take a test without consent nor will they be excluded from school should they prefer not to take part.

Click here to sign up.

Re-ordering testing kits 

If you're running low on testing kits, click here then select 'request additional testing kit'. Test kits will be delivered to pupils in class within 2 working days.

Taking the test and storing your test kits

The test should be taken twice a week (3-4 days apart) and we recommend you do this in the evening to ensure you're more relaxed and not rushed. Make sure you read the step-by-step guide fully before starting. Follow the instructions carefully and do not share your test kits with anyone else as this can lead to the wrong person being told to self isolate.

This type of kit is for asymptomatic testing; do not take the test if you have symptoms.


You should store your test kits at room temperature or in a cool dry place (2-30 degrees C) out of reach of children, other vulnerable individuals and pets. Do not store them in a fridge or freezer or leave in direct sunlight.

If the kit has been stored in a cool area (less than 15 degrees C) make sure it has been at room temperature for 30 minutes (15-30 degrees C) before it is used. After use, place all items in the waste bag and put in your general waste bin. If there are any spillages of test solution, mop these with a paper towel and also place this in the waste bag.

Reporting your results

Participants should always record the test results online at covid19-result

Each test strip has a unique reference number and you'll need this to record the results. Remember if the test result is positive, your household should self isolate immediately, inform the school and book an appointment at a Covid testing centre.

What should I do once I've taken the test?

If you receive a positive test result, your household should self isolate immediately. Remember to let us know and don't forget to book an appointment at a Covid testing centre.

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