The School Day

Doors will open to pupils at 08:40. All pupils must clear the campus by 16:00 (13:45 on Friday) and will not be permitted to wait in the building.

To reduce mixing of groups, pupils will enter the building at a designated access point. During the S1 Induction Days (9th and 10th of June), pupils will line up at their house flags at the S1 entrance.

Entrance Points

All pupils will receive their new timetables on Monday 23rd of May. We are reintroducing Tutor Support Group (TSG) for the 2022-23 sessions to give pupils a dedicated time to access the bulletin, hand in any notes and speak to their designated TSG teacher. As a result, the timings of the school day have been tweaked slightly.

New TimeTable 23.05.22

For more information on arrangements for Break and Lunch, click here

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