School Catering

Paying for School Meals from April 2017

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Please find below a message from Simon Farrer, Catering and Facilities Services Mananger

It is now the preference to use online payments for future meal account top-ups (through ParentPay) as opposed to using the revaluation machines. The revalution machines were provided originally for convenience when large numbers of pupils wanted to add value to their account. This procedure has also been supported by the provision of pre-paid envelopes (which will continue to be available) in primary settings and the acceptance of cash transactions (which will continue to be available) in secondary settings. The revaluation machines however, will be removed from primary settings in the not too distant future as the use of the online payments facility increases. The intention will be to leave each secondary school setting with one machine only in the short term. The important message for secondary pupils is that card transactions as opposed to cash transactions are almost 3x faster at the tills. Online payments also negate the need to queue up to add value to a pupil's account at revaluation machines. The planned removal of revaluation machines will save ECS money on machine charges and maintenance. No machines will be removed without prior consultation with each school and only when online payments/patterns of revaluer usage has reached an acceptable level. Your continuing support using the online payments facility is appreciated. 

Meal Price April 2017

At the Special Council meeting of 22 February, the planned school meal price increase of 10p was approved. Accordingly, from the return to school following the Easter break, the secondary 2-course meal equivalent will increase to £2.25.

All new menus and price lists will be available on

Staff meal charges rise to £3.30, incl. VAT.

Welcome Meals 

Welcome meals for  S1 during induction days - pupils will continue to be offered free of charge, however, any accompanying adult will pay the full price of £3.30 if taking a lunch. 

School Meals and the Young Scot Card 

Use the Young Scot Card (YSC) to access pupil prices, pre-order lunch, speed up queuing time and, new for 2015, earn reward points.  More information on the Young Scot Card can be found here.  To register or get more information on the YSC reward scheme, go to

Young Scot Card and Free Meals

If you are registered to receive free meals, value is added to your account daily - use the YSC to access that spend each day.  If you don't spend the added value each day, it is no longer available to spend.