Many children and young people talk about mathematics when they are referring to numeracy skills.

The distinction between numeracy and mathematics is important. The mathematics curriculum is constructed with both mathematics and numeracy outcomes.  Numeracy development progresses as part of mathematics. Numeracy outcomes are those areas of the mathematics curriculum, which are necessary in understanding other aspects of learning, and are therefore regarded as the responsibility of all teachers.

Numeracy goes beyond mere computation - it includes essential skills such as solving problems, understanding and explaining solutions, making decisions based on logical thinking and reasoning and interpreting data, charts and diagrams.

Parents/Guardians have an important role to play in supporting and encouraging the development of their child's numeracy.

Parents/Guardians should:

  • Support the school in the implementation of whole school expectations of the policy in order to maximise the potential of their child.
  • Familiarise themselves with the 'Maths and Numeracy Guide' and refer to it when supporting the learning of their child at home.

 KHS Numeracy across Learning Policy

Maths and Numeracy Guide