First Aid

We have First Aiders in the school, based in the school office and around the school.  If your child is unwell at school, they should speak to their teacher in the first instance to say they feel unwell and they will be sent to the office.  The First Aider, or one of the office team, will assess your child and will phone home if they feel your child is unable to stay in school. It is essential that all emergency contact details are kept up to date, i.e. home, mobile and work numbers of all relevant contacts who would be available to collect your child. 

If the office staff are unable to speak with you and have to leave a message, please call us back on the school number, to let us know you are on your way to collect your son/daughter or if not you, who will collect.  If we do not hear back from you within an hour your child will be sent back to class. We ask that pupils do not phone home to say they are unwell themselves, as we have had in the past, parents turning up at reception saying that they are here to collect …?, but the pupils have never come down to the office to say they are unwell in the first place.

We record every pupil who comes down to the office unwell, in a medical book, and a Groupcall text will be sent to you saying your son/daughter has visited the MI room.

If your child takes medication for a specific condition, we can store emergency medication in a locked cupboard in the office.  We must have a clear protocol, as to the procedures regarding administering this medication. All First Aiders and some teachers are trained in administering Epipens in emergency situations. We do not dispense any medication for headaches or other minor illnesses to any person. 

For injuries sustained at home, - please do not send your child to school for the ‘School nurse’ to look at.  The school nurse is not based here. The school nurse is based at the Health Centre across the road and visits the school to carry out vaccinations. Take your child to their GP or to a hospital instead.