RMPS Higher

Course Content 

The Higher course aims to build on the transferrable skills which candidates developed in the National qualification. During this year, we focus specifically on analysis and evaluation skills. Our course challenges pupils to develop their extended writing skills and learn to construct timed exam essays. The content of the Higher course is demanding and requires students to critically analyse and investigate the religious, moral and philosophical questions and issues which stem from our studies. The course consists of weekly homework and there is an expectation that students will work outside of class to develop their knowledge and understanding. There is a lot of thinking and writing in this course but it aims to prepare learners for life after school. 

The course begins with a SKILLS unit where Students are taught how to write evaluative essays, ensuring they have the relevant skills needed for success at Higher level. During this unit they will be issued with a ‘Golden Guide’ which is a course booklet to help them develop the necessary skills.

S5/6 Courses 

World Religion- Buddhism
• Beliefs about the Buddha
• Three Marks of Existence- dukkha, anicca & anatta
• Nature of human beings- tanha, kamma & the three root poisons
• Samsara
• Nibbana
• Eightfold Path
• Five Precepts, the Sangha
• Meditation and devotion

Morality & Belief- Morality and Justice
• The Purposes of Punishment
• The Causes of Crime
• Responses to Crime
• Capital Punishment

Religious & Philosophical Questions- Existence of God
• The Nature of God
• The Cosmological Argument and the Big Bang Theory
• The Teleological Argument and Evolution
• Approaches to dialogue and compatibility

Assignment - Personal Research

Key Skills

Analysis, evaluation, using sources, extended writing, critical thinking, creativity, taking notes, research, planning, questioning, presentation, understanding different viewpoints and more. 

Common career and study paths include Social Subjects (e.g. Sociology, Psychology, Social Anthropology, History, Philosophy, Criminology), Emergency Services (e.g. Medicine, Police & Prison Services, Fire Service), Social Work, Education, Journalism and the Media, Law etc.


• Exam Paper One, 2 hours 15 minutes, 60 marks
• Exam Paper Two, 45 minutes, 20 marks
• Assignment- 1 hour 30 minutes, 30 marks

Progression Routes

A pass in Higher RMPS is also a very acceptable entry qualification for all university courses and is well respected by employers. Following on from this, pupils may wish to undertake another social subject, such as History or Modern Studies.