Physics Advanced Higher


1) Rotational Motion and Astrophysics.
2) Quanta and Waves.
3) Electromagnetism.
4) Investigating Physics.


This course gives an in-depth insight into the physical world and how this knowledge is used for research and to develop new technology. There is a substantial practical element to the course and learners are taught how to successfully investigate on their own.

Entry Pre-requisites 

Learners are expected to have studied Physics successfully at Higher level. Evidence of good numerical skills, such as a pass at Higher Maths is also helpful.


Written exams (3 hrs)  = 80%
Project   = 20%       

Leads to:

Advanced Higher Physics is often and entry requirement to study Physics and Engineering, amongst other scientific subjects at university.

Further Information

Speak to Dr. Armstrong or Mr. McShane (Faculty Heads of Science).