Physical Education Advanced Higher

Course Outline

In Advanced Higher PE, pupils will have the opportunity to apply the knowledge they have gained about the four factors that impact on performance. Pupils will undertake a research project on an aspect of their own performance. 

All pupils who choose to take Advanced Higher PE will be expected to:
• Be prepared to work complete weekly written work in class and as homework
• Be extremely self-motivated to plan and carry out a personal development plan

There is no taught practical element in this course – you will be expected to carry out the PDP in your own time. The majority of class time will be spent writing your project.

Course Content

• Pupils will be expected to carry out a series of fitness tests and use the four factors to analyse their own performance
• Pupils will pick an aspect of their performance that they would like to research
• Pupils will write a literature review on the research topic
• Pupils will use the information found in the literature review to plan and carry out an effective personal development programme
• Pupils will re-test and analyse the results, drawing conclusions and highlighting next steps
• All of the above information will be presented in a project of 4000-5000 words

Pupils should be participating in a sporting activity out-with school to a high level. They will be assessed in this performance in a competitive environment.