Modern Languages Higher


Course Outline

There are two Units in this course:- Understanding Language and Using Language.

The Modern Languages Higher Courses have been designed to build upon the skills, knowledge and understanding developed at National 5 and to provide clear progression from National 5. The course will provide opportunities to develop breadth and depth of knowledge and understanding, and the application of skills, through the study of the modern language in the context of society, learning, employability and culture.


Course assessment will have two components: a question paper worth 70 marks and a performance of talking which will be worth 30 marks. The question paper will be externally assessed and the performance will be assessed internally and awarded a mark in accordance with SQA standards. Personalisation and choice will be provided in the performance component, when candidates can choose a subject on which to deliver a presentation and take part in a conversation.


Regular homework will be set, both oral and written and students will be encouraged to work with IT for both listening and speaking. Success at Higher Level requires an ability to work both independently and continuously. Pupils who see the importance of this from the very start will achieve great success.

Other Information

Attainment of this award will allow students to study a language at an advanced level and complete courses or enter employment where foreign language competence would be advantageous such as business, law, journalism and tourism. In recent years a number of our students have chosen to study abroad in German and Spain whilst studying engineering where a competency in a language has been considered as a real selling point. Communication skills continue to be seen as crucial to most careers nowadays and studying a Higher Language is also viewed very positively by traditional science based courses such as Medicine and Dentistry.

For further information please contact Mrs M Mainprize, PT Modern Languages