Modern Languages Advanced Higher

French/ German/ Spanish

Course Outline

The Advanced Higher course aims to develop a greater understanding and appreciation of the foreign country, of its language and of its literature. It represents a significant preparation for university studies. The course takes the development of intellectual maturity, critical awareness and sound knowledge and use of the language a stage further the Higher Grade. The course comprises of TWO units and aims to develop competence in the four skills of Speaking, Writing, Listening and Reading.

Language Unit

This unit is topic based and covers such themes as:

Personal, Social and Cultural Issues

Topical and Cultural Issues

Environmental Issues

Students will be expected to assume greater responsibility for their learning and show a high degree of independence when completing work for the folio.

Extended Reading Unit

Students will be encouraged within this unit to develop more fully their critical awareness of literature in the foreign language and also to enhance their knowledge of the cultural issues in either Germany or France.


During the course of the language unit and the extended reading unit students will be assessed internally in the skills of Listening, Reading, Writing and Speaking. Students will also build up a folio of three pieces of work in the target language based on topics covered. At the end of the course the students will be assessed externally in the four skills.


Independent study is crucial to success at this level. Homework tasks may take the form of extended writing on a topic, reading newspaper articles and literary texts. Students will be expected to communicate in the target language during lessons.

For further information please contact Mrs M Mainprize, PT Modern Languages.