History Advanced Higher

Course Outline

Historical Study 
Pupils will study The Spanish Civil War 1931–1939.  They will study areas such as:

The Failure of the Monarchy in 1931
• Regional identities and tensions
• The importance of the Roman Catholic Church
• The power and attitude of the army
• Social conflict

The Coming of War
• The range of political parties in Spain
• Political instability 1931-35
• The creation of the Popular Front
• The election of 1936

The Outbreak of Civil War
• The uprising, its supporters and early success
• Social upheaval in Republican Spain 

The Defeat of the Republic
The international brigades
The intervention of foreign powers
The non-intervention policy
The reasons for Franco’s victory

Historical Research
The planning, research and production of a 4000 word dissertation on a question of the pupils’ choice, taken from any part of the topic. The dissertation is worth 50 marks and is externally assessed. 


The External Assessment will consist of one 3 hour paper worth 90 marks:
• Part 1 consisting of two essay questions from a choice of five, each essay worth 25 marks
• Part 2 consisting of 3 source-based questions worth 40 marks

Pupils’ dissertation grades will also contribute to their final grades.


Homework and personal study is a major feature of Advanced Higher and pupils can assume a minimum of 3 hours every week should be dedicated to this demanding course.