Health and Food Technology National 5/Higher

Course Outline

Units to be covered are:   

    • Food for Health
    • Food Product Development
    • Contemporary Food Issues

This course covers a range of topics including health, nutrition, dietary needs, the functional properties of ingredients and contemporary food issues such as GM foods.  Pupils will plan, make and reflect on food products & consider how contemporary issues affect food choices.    It will include some practical cookery (normally 1 dish per week) which will allow pupils to develop a range of practical food preparation skills and techniques using appropriate tools & equipment as well as develop organisational skills needed to research, plan, prepare & evaluate products & processes.    Due to the high cost of food stuffs, pupils are expected to contribute towards the practical lessons, it is anticipated that this will be £15.(This includes the cost of containers).


    • Assignment worth 50%
    • Question paper worth 50%

The overall grade for the course will be determined by the Assignment and Question Paper.


S6 – Health & Food Technology Higher/Advanced Higher

Possible Careers Include

Catering, Home Economics Teacher, Nursing, Food Technologist, Retail Management, Social Worker, Quality Control, Trading Standards, Care Worker, Hotel Management, Environmental Health Officer and Journalism, Dietician

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Contact:  Mrs Cairney (PT HE/HWB)