Graphic Communication Higher

Course Rationale

This course will engage creative, flexible learners who are able to work autonomously. It will encourage them to persevere to achieve good quality, feasible proposals through active experiences in Graphic Communication. At its heart is creativity. The Course engenders confidence in developing the application of skills, knowledge and attitudes: attributes which are becoming more and more valuable to individuals and organisations.

This course develops skills that are complementary to other curricular areas, including expressive arts, sciences, and mathematics. It allows candidates to engage with technologies and consider the impact that graphic communication technologies have on our environment and society.

Candidates are encouraged to exercise imagination, creativity and logical thinking. They develop an awareness of graphic communication as an international language.

Recommended Entry

Band ‘A’ or ‘B’ at National 5 Graphic Communication
Band ‘A’ or ‘B’ at National 5 Design & Manufacture (for S6 Pupils only)
Pass at Higher Design & Manufacture


The course is practical, exploratory and experiential in nature. It combines elements of creativity and communicating for visual impact with elements of protocol and an appreciation of the importance of graphic communication standards.

Candidates develop:
• skills in graphic communication techniques, including the use of equipment, graphic materials and software
• creativity in the production of graphic communications to produce visual impact in meeting a specified purpose
• skills in evaluating the effectiveness of graphics in communicating and meeting their purpose
• an understanding of graphic communication standards, protocols and conventions, where these apply
• an understanding of the impact of graphic communication technologies on our environment and society

Course Assessment Details

The final course assessment of the Higher Design & Manufacture Course will consist of two components:
• Examination Question Paper (2.5 hours) 90 marks; externally assessed.
• Assignment Task 50 marks: externally assessed.
Passing the course equates to one level 6 qualification (24 SCQF credit points)


This Course or its component Units may provide progression in the following way:
• exit to Further or Higher Education Courses in design related subjects.
• exit to Further or Higher Education Courses

For further information please contact Mr S Urquhart, PT Technologies.