Geography Advanced Higher


This course gives you an in-depth understanding of complex ideas about how the world works and also gives you the chance to carry out your own research, with an emphasis on fieldwork. The study of Geography at Advanced Higher level also gives you the opportunity to develop a high level of skill in independent study, co-operative learning, objective thinking and the ability to communicate clearly and confidently, all regarded as valuable assets by employers and universities.

Course Outline

The course is made up of three units:

Unit 1: Geographical Methods and Techniques consisting of learning fieldwork techniques, some statistical techniques (you do not need to be mathematically brilliant!) and producing and interpreting maps and diagrams.

Unit 2: The Geographical Study is a fieldwork project based on geographical research, e.g. a river study. It involves planning, carrying out fieldwork, analysing the data collected and writing a report. There is the opportunity to undertake a 3 day residential fieldtrip which gives pupils the chance to gather data for their project (there is a cost involved).

Unit 3: Geographical Issues is an essay which critically evaluates a controversial and topical theme e.g. fracking for gas, by identifying and evaluating different viewpoints.

Course Assessment

The Course assessment consists of two components: a question paper and a project also referred to as a folio.

Component 1 - the question paper
The purpose of this question paper is to test map interpretation and data handling questions cover in unit 1. The paper is externally marked by the SQA and is worth 50 marks.

Component 2 – project or folio
This consists of a folio made up of two sections:
Section A: The Geographical Study - a report on geographical research
Section B: The Geographical Issue - an essay which critically evaluates an issue from a geographical perspective

The project is worth 100 marks in total and is made up of:
Section A: Geographical Study worth 60 marks
Section B: Geographical Issue worth 40 marks
Pupils will send off their folio in April to be marked by the SQA.


You will be expected to focus on both learning the coursework and completing your folio and therefore you need to be prepared to undertake research and fieldwork outside of your time tabled classes.

Entry Requirements

A good pass at Higher Geography is absolutely essential along with an enjoyment of the subject and a high degree of self- motivation.

For further information please contact Mr McAuley, PT Geography.