English Higher

Recommended Entry

A pass at National 5 is required to gain entry to Higher English. A pass at A or B is recommended to achieve success within one year.

Course Outline

The Higher English course offers learners the opportunity to develop and extend a wide range of skills with growing independence. The main aims of the course are to enable learners to develop the ability to:
• read, write, talk and listen in detailed and complex contexts
• understand, analyse and evaluate detailed and complex texts, including Scottish texts, in the contexts of literature, language and the media
• create and produce written texts and spoken language, as appropriate to purpose, audience and context, through the application of knowledge and understanding of detailed and complex language
Learners develop complex language skills allowing them to engage with and to process detailed and complex ideas, opinions, information, language forms and use, and to increase their ability to learn with independence. 

Course Assessment 

Reading for Understanding, Analysis and Evaluation: external examination (30%)
Critical Essay: external examination (20%)
Scottish Set Text: external examination (20%)

Portfolio of Writing: Externally Assessed 

The marks gained from this coursework make up 30% of the overall award.
Pupils submit two redrafted pieces of writing, created under supervised conditions, according to SQA guidelines. 

Spoken Language Assessment: Internally Assessed

This element, which can be achieved through an individual presentation or group discussion, is assessed on an achieved/not achieved basis. It is a compulsory requirement for a course award in Higher English.

For further information contact Mrs C Baxby PT English.