Design Engineer Construct Level 2

Course Rationale

The Level 2 Design Engineer Construct course provides progression from the DEC level 1 course. Candidates broaden their skills in a creative environment and are encouraged to exercise creativity, logical thinking and project management skills.

The course employs a project-based approach that allows candidates to learn about digital building design, engineering and construction, with an emphasis on social, economic and environmental sustainability. The course provides candidates with a detailed understanding of the people and processes involved in the development and delivery of building projects. Candidates will develop knowledge and skills by undertaking a sustainable building project of their own choice. Candidates will enjoy close engagement with industry professionals for the duration of their project.

The course also provides opportunities to build self-confidence and further enhance skills in literacy, numeracy, ICT, planning and organising work tasks. Candidates work independently although there is occasionally collaboration with others. Candidates develop skills in critical thinking, decision making and communication.

Recommended Entry

This course is suitable for candidates who are interested in pursuing technical and professional careers in the Digital Built Environment. Entry is recommended through DEC level 1, however, candidates are not required to have gained a pass at that level. Candidates should however be able to demonstrate a high level of project management and literacy and numeracy skills.


The course provides opportunities for candidates to gain a detailed understanding of the roles and responsibilities within the Construction and Built Environment sector. Candidates will use appropriate and specialist software to gain experience of constructing a detailed Building Information Model to support a planning proposal. They will gain knowledge of the procedures and protocols encountered in preparing planning submissions. They will explore sustainability issues and options for businesses in the Construction and Built Environment sector. They will also explore the value of community engagement, feedback and modification in any design/planning process.

Candidates develop:
• Communication skills suitable for engagement with a professional workplace
• Numeracy and literacy skills from contextualised practice and real time exercises
• Collaborative practice to demonstrate effective team working
• Self-assessment and critical analysis of work
• Presentation skills that include personal, project and community engagement elements
• Confidence and self-esteem from successful engagement with industry professionals and engagement with a real time contextualised project

Course Assessment Details

The final course assessment of the DEC level 2 Course will consist of two components:
• Examination Question Paper (1.5 hours) 70 marks; externally assessed.
• Unit based project of which there are four mandatory units. Candidates must successfully complete all four mandatory units to achieve the qualification; externally assessed.
Passing the course equates to one level 6 qualification (24 SCQF credit points)


This Course or its component Units may provide progression in the following way: 
• exit to Further or Higher Education Courses  to study Architecture, Engineering, Surveying and other Construction related Higher National Diploma and Degree level courses.