Dance National 5

Course Outline

Pupils will continue to study Contemporary and Jazz dance styles, whilst working towards the National 5 qualification.

All pupils who choose to take National 5 Dance will be expected to:
• Take an active part in every dance lesson, irrespective of the dance style
• Be prepared to work collaboratively with all pupils in the class to choreograph routines and dances
• Be prepared to perform in front of others and give and receive feedback on performance skills and qualities

There are three main areas to the course:

Technical Solo
Pupils will learn a contemporary dance routine which they will practice and then perform on their own to a visiting external examiner.  Pupils will be expected to showcase their own dance skills and perform to the very best of their ability on the day.

This counts towards 35% of the overall final mark.

Practical Activity - Choreography
Pupils will research a topic of their choice and create a 1 minute 30 second dance performance to represent their findings.  Pupils will not perform this dance themselves.  They will teach the dance to two other pupils who will perform it for the visiting external examiner.

Pupils will write an essay which explains the concepts and structure within their choreographed dance.

This section counts towards 45% of the overall final mark.

Written Exam
Pupils will have to complete a written exam within the SQA exam diet. The paper is worth 30 marks and has three sections.
• Evaluation of Technical and Performance Skills
• Knowledge and Understanding of a Dance Style
• Evaluation of a Professional Choreography
This section comprises 20% of the overall final mark.