Community Sports Leader Award

Course AIM

CSLA Level 1 Award available to S5 and S6 students.  This course is designed to create more competenet leaders to deliver safe, purposeful sports sessions within the community.

the aim of Level 1 Award is to produce responsible, motivated and confident individual who can lead safe and enjoyable sporting activities.  It is also designed to encourage people to ge involved in organising or assisting with the provision of sport on a voluntary basis. This is Life Skills through Sports Coaching.  The Award is a practical course which challenges and developes the candidates leadership skills across a range of activities.


Students must complete 8 units of work including a minimum of 10 hours voluntary which demonstrates leadership skills through sport

  1. Organise and deliver a sports activity session

  2. Establish and maintain a safe sporting activity

  3. Understand structure of sport recreation in the UK

  4. Understanding and teaching fitness sessions

  5. Principals and practice in running a sports event/competition

  6. Adapting sports activity

  7. Select, plan and lead an appropriate activity

  8. Minimum 10 hours voluntary


 Candidates are assessed on a continuous basis throughout the course.  The tutor will ensure that they provide sufficient opportunities for students to demonstrate their competence as the course progresses.  As well as assessing the learning outcomes for every unit, attitude and approach to leading others.


Students willb e required to fill in an application form explaining their resons for wishing to do this course and any other relevant information which might be useful.

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