Art and Design Advanced Higher

Advanced Higher (Enquiry) Course Outline

Advanced Higher Grade Art and Design builds on the work done at Higher Grade (although it is not a necessary entrance qualification) but allows more specialisation and encourages a greater depth of study.

This course provides the opportunity for investigation of a chosen area of personal interest. Pupils, in consultation with the teacher, will take responsibility for determining the content and overall direction of their study.

The main emphasis of the study will be EITHER;

Expressive Enquiry

This involves the identification and selection of a theme capable of supporting sustained study in depth. This includes the study of artists’ work and practice.


Design Enquiry

Which involves the identification and selection of a design brief on a theme, and the resolution of any Design problems that arise. This includes the study of designers’ work and practice.

The Course has two mandatory Units


The course assessment will consist of a portfolio. The portfolio will be externally assessed and sent the SQA in May.


No formal homework is set but pupils are expected to continue their Enquiry out with department time.

Other Information

Pupils wishing to follow any Art and Design course at Colleges of Further Education and in particular Art College, are obliged to submit a folio of artwork which has an emphasis on drawing and painting and including some design work. Advanced Higher work can be used as the basis for this folio, attending an extra-curricular class in figure drawing at evening class or weekends is strongly recommended.


These include; Graphic Designer, Product Designer, Interior Designer, Architect and Environmental designer, Jewellery Designer, Textile/Fashion Designer, Animator, Photographer, Industrial Designer, Ceramic Designer, Set Designer, Fine Art Curator, Printmaker, Artist, Sculptor, Teacher, Community Artist, etc.

For further information please contact - Mrs S Kelly, PT Art & Design.