Architectural Design Nat 5 Units

Art and Design
Architectural Design Nat 5 Units

The National 5 Units course can build on knowledge and skills at National 4 level or can be for the young person who has not done any art since S2. The course would also suit the young person who would like to enhance their artistic experience in S5 with a view of moving towards Higher Art and Design in S6. There are benefits for the Advanced Higher-Grade Candidate who can broaden their artistic experience by learning a skill which can be used to enhance their studies.

Background Information - history and processes

It is generally accepted that drawing forms the basis of most activities in Art & Design, and is equally so in Architectural Design, so this unit can be viewed not only as a range of skills that can be acquired, but also as a preparation for further work in this subject. Prior experience of architectural drawing and design are not necessary.

Course Content

Candidates will follow a range of outcomes, each being aimed at expanding understanding of Architectural Drawing and Design.


The Units are assessed internally and externally verified by the SQA and pupils are expected to complete and achieve all the unit’s assessments. At the end of the course the candidate should have a folio of drawing and design work.


Homework for the units is limited but candidates are sometimes asked to continue research and development work at home.

Other Information

Candidates can continue their studies by moving into Higher and National 5 Units. The unit can be combined with Advanced Higher studies. The National 5 Units are also a way in which candidates with heavier academic commitments might want to use the unit as a way to relax and balance their timetable.


The unit may be used as a way to develop work for folio building for an art course which could lead to careers in architecture, graphic design, jewellery, illustration, fashion, textile design, artist, animator, interior design, etc. It is also a way in which candidates who want to make a career in art teaching or primary teaching can gain experience of using a craft process which could be used with children.