English Advanced Higher

Recommended Entry

To gain entry to Advanced Higher English, a pass at Higher level is required. An A or B pass at Higher, however, is a stronger indicator of success at Advanced Higher level. Pupils should have a genuine love of literature and a desire to write.

Course Outline 

Advanced Higher English aims to provide opportunities for learners to develop the ability to:
• critically analyse and evaluate a wide range of complex and sophisticated literary texts
• apply critical, investigative and analytical skills to a literary topic of personal interest
• create a range of complex and sophisticated texts
• apply knowledge and understanding of complex language in a wide range of contexts and use creative and critical thinking to synthesise ideas and arguments. 
Advanced Higher English also develops high levels of analytical thinking and understanding of the impact of language.


Advanced Higher English assessment takes the form of:
• two question papers through which learners will write a critical essay on drama, poetry, prose fiction or prose non-fiction, and undertake a textual analysis on their chosen genre, demonstrating an in-depth knowledge and understanding of complex and sophisticated literary texts. (40%)
• a writing portfolio, which will contain two pieces of writing  (30%)
• a dissertation, where learners will compare and contrasts texts of their own choosing (30%) 


There is a considerable commitment demanded by this course. The literary texts must be read and studied at home and in study time, in preparation for class discussion/completion of dissertation. The dissertation is guided and supervised but is essentially an independent study. The writing folio will demand regular practice and commitment.


This course might lead to:
• degree programmes in business, drama, education, English, humanities, journalism, law, media, and social science
• careers in commerce and industry, education, journalism, law, marketing, media, and politics

For further information contact Mrs C Baxby PT English