Drama Advanced Higher

Course Outline

This course anticipates the first year of university and is a very well respected qualification due to its academic and practical applications.

There are 2 units, Drama Skills and Production Skills, as well as a final performance exam. There is no final written exam, this has been replaced with a 3000 word dissertation which will be submitted to SQA for marking in March.

Unit 1 Drama Skills

Pupils will research and study the work of 2 theatre practitioners and use their methods and theories to create a piece of original work which will be performed to a live audience.

Unit 2 Drama: Production Skills

Pupils will study a text and chose a specialism area in either acting, directing or design. Using the methods and theories of one of the practitioners studied in unit 1 they will create a performance.

Practical Exam

A preparation for performance essay will be completed.

Pupils will chose their specialism area from Acting, directing or design.

    • As an Actor they will choose 2 performance pieces one of which will be a monologue and one an interactive piece, these will be performed for the examiner
    • Directors will rehearse part of an identified section of script for the examiner
    • Designers will create design concepts for two production areas as well as a scale set model and plans for set for a production.

Project (this replaces a written exam)

Pupils will write a dissertation linking to one of the practitioners studied in units 1 and 2. Their work should be based on any area of drama or theatre and the final word count should be approximately 3000 words. This project will be developed throughout the year and submitted in March.