Course Choice - Seniors

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General Principles

The course choice you make in March is a provisional choice. It is in your interests, however, to make the right choices which will allow you to make the best possible start to your courses when the new session’s timetable begins in early June.
There will be a chance to finalise the course choice on returning to school in August after you have received the results of the examinations you sat in May during the SQA exam diet.
Pupils moving into S5 have the opportunity to choose five subjects to study. In the majority of cases these will be subjects that they have studied in S4 and are taking to the next level of study. They will also have two periods of Core PE and a Tutor Support period. 

Pupils moving into S6 will have an opportunity to choose four subjects to study. The fifth choice is left blank to allow for a study column. Included in this is a period of Social Education to allow for things such as UCAS training.
Pupils in S6 can take “crash” Highers. These are subjects in which they have had no previous qualification experience. 

Pupil Support teachers will be working with every pupil in PSE and on a 1:1 basis to ensure choices are informed and appropriate. 

Senior Course Choice Sheet 2019

S5/6 Course Choice

S5 Course Choice Form

S6 Course Choice Form

Pathways Evenings Presentations

S5 Pathways Evening Presentation

S6 Pathways Evening Presentation

Course Choice Schedule 2019


Non Viable Classes

Please note that not all Courses on the Course Choice Option Sheet may finally run. If the number of pupils opting for a course is low, then it may not be viable to run the course. Pupils who have chosen a non-viable course(s) will be required to amend their course choice.

Pupils and parents will be notified as soon as possible in the event of the above.

Over Subscribed Classes

If there are too many pupils opting for a course then a selection process may have to be used to bring the class number down to the legal maximum size. (Non-practical class maximum = 30 pupils, practical class maximum = 20). This selection process will most probably involve the selection of the pupils who in the past have achieved the best grades. Pupils who do not pass the selection process will be required to amend their course choice.

Pupils and parents will be notified as soon as possible in the event of the above. 

Range of Subjects and Levels

As a school we have finite resources at our disposal. We at this time, as in the past, deploy our staffing and accommodation to best meet the needs of the vast majority of our pupils. Unfortunately this means that we cannot offer all subjects and levels that pupils and parents would desire, no school can. We do endeavour to offer a wide variety of subjects at differing levels. This means that for almost all our pupils we offer a menu of choices which enables them to make well informed choices in continuing their education in Kinross High School.  

All pupils are welcome to return to school for a fifth or sixth year provided that they are committed to working towards improving their qualifications and that a suitable programme of work can be arranged. Pupils must make a conscious decision to return to school and not simply drift back because they have not made an effort to consider other options. In some cases it may be better to give serious consideration to a full-time college course, training or employment. Link courses have been arranged in individual cases in the past for S6 pupils, however our geographical location makes this a difficult option for pupils to sustain and may have a negative impact upon their in-school studies. Careful consideration of all the implications of such a course are carefully weighed up in consultation with parents before these decisions are ratified.

Alternative Routes

Foundation Appreticeship Presentation

Pupil Support Faculty
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