Modern Studies National 4 and National 5

Course Outline

Pupils will study 3 topics, these will include:

World Issue

Poverty in Africa
• Causes of poverty in Africa
• Consequences of poverty
• Attempts to reduce poverty
• Evaluation of international organisations tackling poverty

Social Issues in the UK

Crime and the Law
• What is crime?
• Causes and impact of crime
• Efforts to tackle crime
• The criminal justice system in Scotland

Democracy in Scotland and the UK

Democracy in Scotland
• Representation
• Electoral Systems
• Participation
• Influence
• Power and Decision Making


• One exam, 2 hours 20 minutes, 80 marks
• N5- Assignment, 1 hour, marked externally, 20 marks 

National 4 has no external exam. Pupils will, however, have to pass all National 4 Unit Assessments as well as the ‘Added Value’ unit to gain an award. Pupils will receive a pass or fail for the year.

Key Skills

Analysis, evaluation, source-handling, numeracy, interpreting data, research, taking notes, developing arguments, extended writing and more.

Common Career/Study Paths

Politics, sociology, international relations, law and/or other social science courses, journalism and the media, civil and public service, social work, education, human relations and in the third sector etc.