Graphic Communication National 5

Course Rationale

The National 5 Graphic Communication course provides progression mainly from the craft, design, engineering and graphics experiences and outcomes. Candidates broaden their skills in a creative environment and are encouraged to exercise imagination, creativity and logical thinking.

The course allows candidates to develop an awareness of graphic communication as an international language and an understanding of how graphic communication technologies impact on society and the environment. Candidates initiate, develop and communicate ideas graphically, and develop spatial awareness and visual literacy through graphic experiences. They interpret graphic communications initiated by others, and use graphic communication equipment, software and materials effectively.

The course also provides opportunities to build self-confidence and enhance skills in numeracy, ICT, planning and organising work tasks, and in working independently and in collaboration with others. Candidates develop skills in critical thinking, decision making and communication.

Recommended Entry

This course is a broad-based qualification, suitable for learners with an interest in both digital and paper-based graphic communication. It is largely learner-centred, includes practical and experiential learning opportunities and is suitable for those wanting to progress onto higher levels of study or a related career.

Entry is through our BGE program delivered in S1-2.


The course provides opportunities for candidates to gain skills in reading, interpreting and creating graphic communications. They also learn to apply knowledge and understanding of graphic communication standards, protocols and conventions.

The course is practical, exploratory and experiential in nature and combines elements of recognised professional standards for graphic communication, partnered with graphic design creativity and visual impact.

Candidates develop: 
• skills in graphic communication techniques, including the use of equipment, graphics materials and software
• the ability to extend and apply knowledge and understanding of graphic communication standards, protocols and conventions
• an understanding of the impact of graphic communication technologies on our environment and society

Course Assessment Details

The final course assessment of the NAT5  Graphic Communication Course will consist of two components:
• Examination Question Paper (2 hours) 80 marks; externally assessed.
• Assignment Task 40 marks: externally assessed.
Passing the course equates to one  level 5 qualification (24 SCQF credit points)


This course or its component units may provide progression in the following way:
• exit to Further Education courses in design, or related subjects .
• exit to Higher Graphic Communication.

For further information please contact Mr S Urquhart, PT Technologies.