English National 5

Course Outline

The National 5 English course offers learners the opportunity to develop and extend a wide range of skills. In particular, the course aims to enable learners to develop the ability to:
• read, write, talk and listen, as appropriate to purpose, audience and context
• understand, analyse and evaluate texts, including Scottish texts, in the contexts of literature, language and/or the media
• create and produce texts, as appropriate to purpose, audience and context, through the application of their knowledge and understanding of language 

Course Assessment

Reading for Understanding, Analysis and Evaluation: external examination (30%)
Critical Essay: external examination (20%)
Scottish Set Text: external examination (20%)

Portfolio of Writing: Externally Assessed

The marks gained from this coursework make up 30% of the overall award.
Pupils submit two redrafted pieces of writing, created under supervised conditions, according to SQA guidelines.

Spoken Language Assessment: Internally Assessed

This element, which can be achieved through an individual presentation or group discussion, is assessed on an achieved/not achieved basis. It is a compulsory requirement for a course award in National 5 English.


On successful completion of National 5 the learner could progress to Higher English.

For further information contact Mrs C Baxby PT English.