Design Engineer Construct Level 1

Course Rationale

The Level 1 Design Engineer Construct course provides progression from the DEC course that all pupils experience in S2. Candidates broaden their skills in a creative environment and are encouraged to exercise creativity, logical thinking and project management skills.

The course uses a project-based approach to allow candidates to learn about the wide range of professions and latest industry practices encountered in the Built Environment/Construction industry. The course offers an innovative project based approach to learning that is both challenging and rewarding. By working their way through an online workbook, Candidates will develop knowledge and skills by undertaking a sustainable building project using face to face engagement with industry professionals. There are opportunities for cross curricular learning including explicit opportunities for Maths, English and Science as well as the wider curriculum such as Citizenship and Health and Wellbeing. The course develops young people with real-world practical experience and employability skills. The course delivers an inspiring programme that is up to date and in demand by employers. 

The course also provides opportunities to build self-confidence and enhance skills in literacy, numeracy, ICT, planning and organising work tasks. Candidates work independently and in collaboration with others. Candidates develop skills in critical thinking, decision making and communication.

Recommended Entry

This course is suitable for candidates who are interested in pursuing technical and professional careers in the Digital Built Environment, providing them with a solid understanding of the people and processes involved in the development and delivery of building projects. Entry is through our BGE program delivered in S1-2. There are no specific entry requirements; however, candidates should have demonstrated solid project management and literacy and numeracy skills in S2.


The course provides opportunities for candidates to gain an understanding of number. Embedded within the learning tasks are opportunities to explore mathematical knowledge to understand how it is applied in the world of work. Similarly, literacy skills are enhanced by integrated opportunities to prepare reports, presentations, feedback – oral and written, many of which are presented to industry specialists. DEC also enables candidates to explore some of the key themes that challenge society in general through particular examples and projects within the built environment sector.

Candidates develop:
• skills in Building Information Modelling using industry standard 3D modelling software
• the ability to extend and apply knowledge and understanding of the Built Environment
• an understanding of sustainability and the impact of Construction technologies on our environment and society
• project management and communication skills

Course Assessment Details

The final course assessment of the DEC level 1 Course will consist of two components:
• Examination Question Paper (1 hours) 50 marks; externally assessed.
• Unit based project of which there are four mandatory units. Candidates must successfully complete all four mandatory units to achieve the qualification; externally assessed.
Passing the course equates to one level 4 qualification (16 SCQF credit points)


Successful learners can progress to Level 2 Design, Engineer Construct.

For further information please contact Mr S Urquhart, PT Technologies.