Design and Manufacture National 5

Course Rationale

The National 5 Design and Manufacture course allows candidates to develop knowledge and skills enabling them to appreciate, contribute and adapt to the diverse opportunities offered in manufacturing industries.

Candidates develop creative and practical skills by designing and making solutions to real problems. In addition, they gain an understanding of the impact of design and manufacture on everyday life.

The course encourages candidates to take a broad view of design and manufacture, through making decisions and taking responsibility for their own actions, generating and developing ideas, applying knowledge, and justifying decisions. These transferrable skills place candidates in a strong position regardless of the career path they choose.

Recommended Entry

This course is suitable for learners attracted by practical activities. It provides a foundation for those considering further study or a career in design, manufacturing, engineering, science, marketing, and related disciplines.

The course also offers a complementary practical experience for those studying subjects in the technologies and expressive arts.

Entry is through our BGE program delivered in S1-2.


The main purpose of the course is to allow candidates to develop the skills and knowledge associated with designing and manufacturing.

The course enables candidates to develop:
• skills in designing and manufacturing models, prototypes and products
• knowledge and understanding of manufacturing processes and materials
• an understanding of the impact of design and manufacturing technologies on our environment and society.

Course Assessment Details

The final course assessment of the NAT5  Design & Manufacture Course will consist of three components:
• Examination Question Paper (2.25 hours) 80 marks; externally assessed.
• Assignment Design Task 55 marks: externally assessed.
• Assignment Practical Task 45 marks: internally assessed and externally verified.
Passing the course equates to one  level 5 qualification (24 SCQF credit points)


This Course or its component Units may provide progression in the following way: 
• exit to Further Education courses in design, manufacturing or related subjects
• exit to Higher Design & manufacture

 For further information please contact Mr S Urquhart, PT Technologies.