Computing Science - National 5

The newly-revised N5 Computing Science course provides an ideal vehicle for those young people who want to further develop their creativity, problem-solving and coding skills. 

Course Outline

The course covers three main areas:

  • Software Design & Development


Application development using Visual Basic and Python.  Intelligent system programming using Lego Mindstorms.

  • Web Design & Development -


Website development using HTML, CSS and Javascript.  Information systems hardware and security.  Investigation of media types.

  • Database Design & Development

Relational database design and development using MS Access and SQL.

Additional Information

Progress with the course will be measured through completion of project work.  Several projects will be undertaken throughout the year. 

Homework will be issued regularly to reinforce the concepts covered in the course.  In addition to this, pupils will be tested on their knowledge and understanding and problem solving in end of unit tests. 

In the Computing Science Department we aim to provide each pupil the opportunity to perform to the best of their ability and so pupils are involved in monitoring progress and setting targets to address their development needs and inform their next steps.

For further information please contact -  Mrs Teresa Summers, PT of Computing and Business Education.