Course Outline

Pupils in S3 who have chosen Spanish will be given the opportunity to apply previously acquired language skills in French/German to a new language experience. They will develop their competence in the skills of listening and talking, reading and writing by learning and engaging with Spanish in real life contexts and through a range of transactional conversations and activities. Experiences and outcomes for S3 pupils may include:

Working in groups with a variety of media to deliver oral presentations, making video films, reading from a variety of resources and developing writing skills. Pupils are actively encouraged to communicate in Spanish within the classroom and to develop their confidence in speaking skills through a wide variety of teaching and learning styles.

Homework is seen as an integral part of teaching and learning and is set on a regular basis to consolidate and extend work covered in class. Pupils are encouraged to organise their studies in order to meet deadlines and complete tasks to the best of their ability.

Pupils will be assessed in all four language skills and given regular feedback on their progress.

Additional Information

It is widely recognised that the acquisition of a second foreign language such as Spanish not only gives pupils confidence but is also increasingly beneficial for young people finding work in a highly competitive and global economy.   

After completing the S3 Spanish course you will have the opportunity to further develop these language skills at National 4 and National 5 with a view to completing a Higher Spanish qualification in S5.

For further information please contact – Mrs. M. Mainprize, PT Modern Languages