In S2 Science pupils investigate Light, Sound, Music and Electricity. Skills and knowledge gained are carried forward into Physics. S3 students embark on a course leading towards a qualification at National 4 or National 5 in fourth year.

Course Outline

 The S3 course is made up of four topics

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    • Cosmology -  learning about the formation of the universe, the solar system and investigations of exoplanets and galaxies. 
    • Dynamics -    work on gravity, forces, measurement and motion, gives students a valuable insight into the world around them. 
    • Waves -          students investigate sound and the electromagnetic spectrum. They find out about applications in medicine, communications and astronomy. 
    • Radiation -    allows students to understand the risks and benefits of nuclear radiation in medicine, energy generation, archaeology and science.

 In Physics, students experience a variety of forms of learning (teacher-led, small group, practical and “flipped”). Embedded ICT effectively supports differentiation and students' own interests. Scheduled lessons are on the department calendar and Facebook pages.


Our department site provides access to a wide and

developing range of resources and support with children

encouraged to use the tools best suited to their learning



Regular home-work and assessment underpin student

progress, building confidence. We aim to keep parents

and carers informed of student progress through regular

updates on assessment.


The website and calendar also provide access for adults

to understand and participate in their child's learning and

possible progression to N4 or N5 in fourth year.