Physical Education

Course Outline

Pupils will continue their broad general education in Physical Education but will also start to focus on the topics below to prepare them for the potential of further study in certificated PE in S4 – S6. 

All pupils must note that certificated PE pupils are expected to:

    • Be prepared with PE kit as per Kinross High guidelines for all activities such as hockey, swimming etc
    • Take part classroom based lessons.  The emphasis on learning through practical lessons will be common but there will be some classroom sessions. 
    • Complete homework on time.  

Performance skills

Learners will learn how to develop their practical skills in a variety of activities, chosen by the PE department, to allow them to work towards developing a broad range of movement and performance skills.  They will also work towards being consistent, with control and fluency of movement.  Pupils must be prepared to participate in all activities which will involve Swimming amongst a range of others.  Some activities will take place outdoors and pupils should be prepared with suitable clothing depending on weather conditions. 

Factors impacting on performance

Pupils will learn about the effects of mental, emotional, social and physical activities and how these can impact both positively and negatively on their performance.  This will start to prepare the learners ability to plan for, record, monitor and evaluate performances. 

Fitness development

Learners will work towards developing their understanding of the different types of fitness and how this affects their health and physical performances.  They will lead a peer through a fitness programme that they will develop and monitor. 

Pathways options in  S4 following certificated PE in S3

1        National 4/5 PE

There is no final exam however pupils do have a great deal of written evidence to produce including a final project which is marked by the SQA.