All pupils will continue their study of mathematics in S3 and S4.  Courses are based on the Experiences and Outcomes of Curriculum for Excellence at 3rd and 4th levels and lay the foundation for further study in S4.

Aims and Objectives

We aim to support pupils in their development of skills for life and work by:

  • building confidence in numeracy
  • improving problem solving skills and levels of logical thought
  • supporting lifelong learning through encouraging the development of skills in independent study
  • developing personal responsibility by raising awareness of personal finance issues
  • developing skills in working together through collaborative tasks and social goals
  • encouraging the appropriate use of ICT
  • encouraging clear, correct verbal and written communication.

Course Content

Mathematics courses are divided into three broad areas of study:

  • Number, Money and Measure includes working with whole numbers, decimals, fractions and percentages.  We study negative numbers, multiples, factors, powers and roots.  This section includes skills in personal finance, managing time and measure length, area and volume.  The relationship between speed, distance and time is explored.  We cover a variety of algebra skills including solving equations, working with expressions and using formulae.
  • Shape, Position and Movement covers the properties of 2D and 3D shapes, Pythagoras and Trigonometry, co-ordinates, scale drawings and navigation.
  • Information Handling includes collecting, interpreting and displaying data, analysing data and drawing conclusions and understanding probability.  


Pupil work will be continually assessed in a variety of ways and feedback on progress will be shared throughout S3 and S4.

Continuous assessment of classwork and results of Block assessments will be used by teachers to ensure pupils are embarking upon the correct level as they enter the Senior Phase in S4. At the end of S4, pupils will be involved in formal SQA assessments which may involve exams, project work, or a combination of both, depending upon the subject and level of study.


Pupils will progress from 3rd and 4th Level outcomes into National 5 Mathematics, National 4 Mathematics or Application of Mathematics at Nat 3 and 4 depending upon progress made throughout S3. They will then be formally presented at this level at the end of S4. Pupils may return to school into S5 and S6 where they can progress to National 5, Higher and Advanced Higher qualifications.