Home Economics

The S3 Home Economics course continues to give pupils a broad general education, ensuring that the foundations are laid for smooth transition for pupils to go on to study Hospitality (S4) or Health and Food Technology (S5).

Course Outline

 4 Units of work:  

    • Cookery Skills, Processes & Techniques
    • Food for Health
    • Contemporary Food Issues
    • REHIS Elementary Food Hygiene Certificate


This course covers a range of topics including health, nutrition, dietary needs and will introduce pupils to contemporary food issues which can affect our choices as consumers. It will include practical cookery lessons (1-2 dishes per week) which will help to develop basic practical food preparation skills, with dishes becoming more challenging and complex as skills are improved. It will allow pupils to develop their organisational and time management skills.   Due to the high cost of food stuffs, pupils are expected to contribute towards the practical lessons, it is anticipated that this will be £40 which includes the containers.


S4 – Hospitality Practical Cookery N4/N5   

S5 – Health & Food Technology N5/Higher


Studying Home Economics can benefit you to pursue a number of careers including:

Catering, Home Economics Teacher, Nursing, Food Technologist, Retail Management, Social Worker, Quality Control, Trading Standards, Care Worker, Hotel Management, Environmental Health Officer and Journalism.

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Contact:  Mrs Cairney (PT HE/HWB)