Graphic Communication

Pupils experience a range of class activities within CDT in S1 and S2. These activities focus on developing the following core skills: researching & analysing, design sketching, practical craftwork, presentation graphics, computer-aided drawing (CAD), computer-aided graphics (CAG), evaluating and self-reflection. Each unit of work provides pupils with opportunities to build their knowledge of design factors, materials, manufacturing processes, technical drawing, CAD & CAG techniques.

As we move on into S3 we continue the BGE phase but offer 3 very distinct courses:

• Graphic communication
• Design & Manufacture
• Design Engineer Construct (DEC)

Graphic Communication

Graphic communication is an established course at Kinross High School with a strong reputation for pupils moving on into the fields of Graphic Design, Architecture, Engineering & Construction. The course has been structured to ensure that pupils are best prepared for the demands of further education and modern apprenticeships.

Pupils will experience a range of projects that will build their capacity to be creative in Sketching, Illustration, 2D CAD, 3D Modelling, Graphic Design & Desktop Publishing. Pupils are actively encouraged to produce a range of Visual Graphics which showcase their knowledge of presentation graphics and technical drawing.

Course Entry Requirements

Entry is through our BGE program in S1 & S2 - Pupils should have demonstrated both a creative approach to their BGE coursework and a confidence in sketching & computer work.

Progression Routes

N4, N5, Higher, Adv Higher