During S1 - S3, pupils follow a Broad General Education which covers Experiences and Outcomes at Levels 2, 3 and 4 in English and Literacy.

Pupils will study and respond to texts in class – prose (fiction and non-fiction), poetry, drama and media. They will also choose their own texts from our library and are encouraged to read during class time and at home, and complete tasks to achieve reading awards. The understanding, analysis and evaluation of text is practised and developed so that reading skills become increasingly secure.

A range of genres of writing is covered to allow pupils to practise and develop styles and skills and increase their range of knowledge about language.

Pupils will participate in a variety of oral tasks: group and paired discussions, debates, solo talks and presentations.

Literacy outcomes are included in all of these tasks and pupils should become increasingly accurate and secure in their use of language.

Assessment takes place at regular intervals, on the completion of a specific task at the end of a unit of work.
For further information contact Mrs C Baxby PT English.